Zagu shake business plan

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Zagu shake business plan

zagu shake business plan

Share Tweet Pin It's a no-brainer: Offering quick meals on the cheap, food carts serve just about anything—from flavored French fries, dimsum, to the well-loved Pinoy bibingka. Carts have been in the Philippines since the s, with the earlier carts having wheels, echoing the appearance of a carriage on wheels which could be pushed to one's chosen location.

According to Entrepreneur magazine's Philippine edition, Popperoo Popcorn was the very first cart business that entered a local mall in the s. Now, food carts—sans wheels—are a ubiquitous bunch, occupying space near the grocery, train terminals, and even walkways to parking areas in malls.

Pork and shrimp siomai 4 pieces for P25 Food cart appeal: Rarely soggy, Siomai House's dimsum is steamed just right, and for P25, a real steal. They also serve ice-cold gulaman for a measly P Steamed or fried dumplings P35 and dumpling meals with rice P45 to P48, choice of Hainanese, Lemak, or plain rice Food cart appeal: Affordable dumpling rice meals In the age of penny-pinching, office workers and students are equally drawn to Paotsin with their array of dumplings and rice meals.

Either steamed or fried, the dumplings are tasty and best dipped in their spicy soy sauce. The rice meals, on the other hand, come with a generous serving of green-colored steamed rice, which is cooked in pandan leaves, lending the green color to the cooked grains Hainanese, or Lemak rice.

Some Paotsin carts offer their version of Laksa, a spicy noodle soup, that's both filling and hearty at P Regular-sized noodles at P27 choice of beef or pork ; Jumbo size P54 with 4 pieces of dimsum Food cart appeal: Quick, inexpensive carbo-loading Judging from the long lines alone, Hong Kong Style Noodles is one of the most popular food stalls in the city.

A serving comes with pre-measured stir-fried noodles, bean sprouts, and two pieces of dimsum you get 4 pieces for the jumbo sizebut the real fun comes when you are tasked to make your own noodle sauce. With choices that include teriyaki, Szechuan, toyomansi, oyster, chili, and peanut sauce, each cup will probably taste differently from the first, unless you've got your own formula down pat.

Though you can't expect to have the best tasting noodles, its winning combination of calling out to consumer creativity you do make your own sauce after all and cheap prices undeniably captures mass appeal.

Flavored fries in cheese, barbecue or sour cream and onion regular size is at P33, large size is at P48 Food cart appeal: Yummy flavored French fries Starting out inPotato Corner is top of mind for local flavored French fries. The thick potatoes are deep-fried on the spot and mixed in with your fave flavor: Proudly halal-certified, Potato Corner also introduced new sizes to cater to a wider range of French fry cravings: You can also choose the Trio P70 which has all three flavors and has browns at P35 per serving.

Mini-bibingkas at P20 each; a box of 6 is P Food cart appeal: Personal-sized bibingka for the mini-meals Bibingkinitan serves moist, fluffy mini-bibingka P20 eachwhich are baked in a clay pot and smothered in butter. They also have a merienda combo of the rice cake paired with barako coffee for P50 and boxed sets with six pieces which you can tote home P for 6 pieces.

Fruit shakes starts at P35 Food cart appeal: Affordable and healthy thirst quenchers Every Frutas cart is fruit central—ripe, fresh fruits are on display, all of which are used in churning out cups of fruit shakes which are mixed with honey and milk.

Not just offering the usual mango or banana shake, they have other fruits for your drink of choice: Waffle snacks with every filling possible starts at P10 per piece Food cart appeal: Cheap tummy fillers Waffle Time takes the classic waffle snack and fills it not only with hotdogs, but with pineapple, Swiss chocolate, Bavarian cream, tuna salad and bacon.FRANCHISE TRAINING & SUPPORT.

With an extremely disciplined business plan and a talented management team, Steak ’n Shake has created staunch, workable systems to assist new and seasoned restaurant franchisees in managing and operating their restaurants. Chingu Buko House is open for business since May of and as their name suggests, they serve a mixture of buko made nourishment things, for example, buko juice, buko shake, buko serving of mixed greens, buko pandan, buko mais con yelo and buko corona radiance.

Business Plan JUICE COMPANY HEAD OFFICE: Smoothy Juice Co. Ltd 23/4, Dhanmandi 4/A, Dhaka Dhaka E-mail: [email protected] Website: FACTORY: Smoothy Juice Industry Limited Ashulia, Saver, Dhaka 1 Customer satisfaction with high quality juices and services Competent management staff whose makes the juices and shakes.

some Strategies -must be mutually beneficial -Strict policy on buying yam and tapioca balls, must be from the original maker -Business options include the ff: *Will carry the well established ZAGU. I heard the owner of Shago used to be a franchise-holder of Zagu and that her franchise was revoked because she was mixing local sago pearls into the shake.

I sort of coonfirmed this because I managed to glimpse Shago using powder containers w/Zagu labels. Aug 16,  · Re: Sample Business plan for a pearl shake/bubble tea business «Reply #1 on: May 05, , am» business plan goes with your target market, target client, your product, kiosk design, your estimated sales and etc.

most important is your operating procedures.

A Sample Bubble Tea Shop Business Plan Template