Writing a public relations strategy

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Writing a public relations strategy

As we plan strategy we tend to voice our opinions and instincts, but what else should go into a solid PR strategy? What we should be discussing is how the correct mix of experience-based instinct, research and data will lead to a PR strategy that delivers measurable results.

The path to building a successful PR strategy can be boiled down to four steps. PR Strategy Step 1: In my previous post, 5 Ways to Turbocharge PR with Media Monitoringwe explored how monitoring tools enable brand, competitive and industry research — this is a great place to start.

On the macro level, monitoring tools will help you to understand your overall brand perception, your competition, industry and customer.

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PR Strategy Step 2: Clearly Define Your Campaign Goal Too often we pitch for the sake of pitching; this is not strategic. All PR campaigns need a clear goal and answering these questions will help you put one together without too much pain: Who is your ultimate customer?

What message s do you want to deliver to that customer?

writing a public relations strategy

What are you hoping to achieve? PR Strategy Step 3: Those two steps set you up for shaping your message. Using a combination of your research and goal begin writing pitch messaging that will feel newsworthy to your target journalists, resonate with your customer and match your business objectives.

It should move your customer towards action and, as Youngstom points out, it should resonate. Once you have a first draft spend time trying to poke holes in it and share it with a colleague or two for feedback. If needed, edit, and edit some more.

PR Strategy Step 4: Identify and Understand Media Targets With your pitch messaging completed its time to decide on a distribution channel and find the journalists that will help you to reach your customer.

The question you need to ask is whether your message is best suited for a broadcast approach press release or more personal approach individual pitching. Does your message have mass appeal or will it get better pick up if you pitch to a more narrow, targeted list of journalists? For example, if you represent a tech firm announcing a merger with another firm you have a mass-appeal message in which case a press release may be best.

If you are the same firm announcing an upgrade to a current product your message has a more narrow appeal in which case you should focus on select journalists and influencers. With the right tools it should take minutes to determine which journalists have covered your competition, industry and subject matter regardless of beat.

If you follow the above steps and use the available PR software tools developing good strategy can be quick, painless and effective. September 19th, by Meltwater Related Posts.How to create a PR strategy Have you started noticing your competitors in the media?

writing a public relations strategy

Most likely, they have started using PR tactics to build their profile and are actively pitching stories to the media. The goal of a sound PR strategy is universal: deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time; the path to success in four simple steps.

The goal of a sound PR strategy is universal: deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time; the path to success in four simple steps. This is Part 1 of a 3-part series. I recently asked you to weigh in on content for the blog — choose your own adventure, if you will.

Between the comments, tweets and emails I received, it was clear that you wanted more info about how to write a PR plan. Writing & Public Relations Need to learn more about all kinds of PR writing from newsletters and news releases to blog writing, citizen journalism and website copy?

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