Why is africa important to china economics essay

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Why is africa important to china economics essay

Several major wheat producing countries do not rely on it as their main staple, but many wheat importing countries do.

Why is africa important to china economics essay

Indices The cultivation of wheat dates back about 7 years. It originated in the western part of Asia, gradually spreading to nearly all other regions in the world.

It is not surprising, therefore, that wheat, together with rice, are the two most important and common food staples in the world. Wheat production has grown considerably over the past two decades and in recent years its global production has reached around million tonnes.

The total wheat output of the developing countries accounts for over 40 percent of global wheat production, with China the world's largest producer.

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Wheat is the most important cereal traded on international markets. The total world trade in wheat and wheat flour in grain equivalent is close to 95 million tonnes, with the developing countries accounting for some 80 percent of imports.

This is mainly because, despite a relatively large wheat output in the developing world, overall consumption outpaces production. As populations move from countryside to town, there is increasing demand for convenient foods such as bread. The United States ranks as the world's largest wheat exporter, normally contributing around one-third of world export volume.

Wheat is the major commodity provided as food aid. Rice is the staple food of almost half the world's population, but very little of the total production is traded on world markets.

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Indices Developing countries account for about 95 percent of production and about 80 percent of trade in rice. Most of the rice, a staple food for almost half the people in the world, is consumed in the countries where it is produced.

Only about percent of rice produced is traded on the world market. Different countries and regions have specific preferences for particular kinds of rice. The preference in most parts of Asia and Africa is for the long grain or Indica type. Further preferences exist within these broad categories.

The varieties of Japonica rice consumed in Italy, for example, are not acceptable to consumers in Japan or the Republic of Korea. Different countries also prefer different kinds of processing: Rice is one of the most difficult food commodities in which to trade because of rigid consumer preferences, the small quantities involved and the dependence of production on local climatic conditions.

Fluctuations in prices on international markets can be large, adding to the uncertainties or providing this essential food.

Why is africa important to china economics essay

Outside of the major jute producing countries, the spread of synthetic products has reduced demand so that international trade in jute is declining. Indices Jute is a fibre crop which is used mainly for sacking, but efforts are being made to diversify into other end-uses.

Despite the significant role played by jute in these Asian economies, the increasing use of synthetic substitutes such as plastics has made serious inroads into the global trade.

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Being a natural fibre, jute is biodegradable and as such "environmentally friendly". The principal products such as sacks, can be re-used and, as a result, may have a secondary value for other users. Despite such positive features, the world market for jute has remained depressed.

In recent years, world production of jute has been about 3 million tonnes per year, of which tonnes are traded internationally in the form of raw fibre and tonnes in the form of products. The world trade in jute products is dominated by the following, in order of importance: In the mids about 20 percent of world jute was processed in developed regions.

This share has now fallen to around 5 percent. This decline results from the increased concentration of jute processing industries in the major producing and consuming countries of Asia coupled with a decline in overall consumption elsewhere because of the spread of synthetic products.

Shrimp cultivation is a growing industry in several developing countries and a major source of export earnings. Indices Fish products are an important source of foreign exchange earnings in many developing countries.

One success story is the trade in shrimp, a particularly high-value product. InThailand's harvest of the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonwhich accounts for more than one-quarter of world production of warm-water shrimps, exceeded tonnes, confirming the country's position as the top farmed-shrimp producer.

Almost half of the United States' shrimp imports consist of this species. Production of black tiger shrimps, found throughout Asia, is growing by an estimated 20 percent a year. Trade in shrimp products has doubled in the past decade to reach 1 million tonnes but increases in aquaculture production have led to instances of market saturation, accompanied by dramatic falls in prices.

Shrimp prices also reflect fluctuations in consumption: As shrimp cultivation has expanded, disease, water pollution and inadequate quality control have all had a major impact on production and trade.The Economic Decline in Africa "One half of the African continent lives below the poverty line.

In sub-Saharan Africa, per capita GDP is now less than it was in , having declined over 11 percent.". Tell us why you think Africa matters to the U.S.

Join the conversation on Twitter using #AfricaMatters. For over a decade now, the continent of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa, has undergone.

Investment expenditure and increased investment rates are important for current and future economic activity in South Africa.

This essay aims to draw attention to the mechanics behind the function and the importance of investment spending in South Africa. Why eating breakfast is important essay; Art activism and oppositionality essays from afterimage american essay about animals endangered in africa ruth bradley grabbers for essays msc economics dissertation mother tongue rhetorical analysis essay literary essay mentor texts for inferencing american cowboy research paper.

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While many issues are fundamentally economic in nature, most social, political and environmental problems have important economic consequences.

The social science of economics is our attempt to analyze, understand and solve these problems. Economic Growth (Essay Technique Video) Countries such as South Africa and Botswana have very high levels of inequality.

A 3rd key reason why growth is important for developing countries is that it will increase tax revenues available to a government and help control their fiscal deficits and debt.

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