The question of whether texas colonias is a problem and what the state should do about them

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The question of whether texas colonias is a problem and what the state should do about them

The course consists of three sections. The first covers areas such as how to define poverty and the various ways poverty has been viewed over time. It also discusses the many explanation that have been offered as to why poverty exists and persists in a country such as the United States.

The second examines what policies are in place to confront the issue of poverty, how those policies have changed over time, and what the current strengths and weakness are of policies now in place.

The third section deals briefly with global poverty. For each of the first two sections, the course devotes some time to poverty in Texas.

The question of whether texas colonias is a problem and what the state should do about them

It presents the basic facts and figures that describe poverty in the state, and some of the distinctive characteristics of poverty in Texas. It also looks at what the state has done in the past and does presently for its low-income populations.

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This chapter covers a good deal of the information covered in the class, and presents numerous charts and tables and other graphic materials for the students to use. It also has several video interviews carried out with academics and experts who present their various perspectives on various aspects of poverty in Texas.

Poverty in Texas Texas is the second largest state in the United States in terms of population approximately 24 million people ; only California is larger.

And while it still retains its traditional image of wide-open spaces, oil fields, and cowboys and ranching, it has since World War II become an urban, industrial state. Despite its growth and diversified economy, Texas also has had the less fortunate history since of having a larger percent of its population living in poverty than the overall US average.


Briefly stated, Texas uses a measure of poverty employed by the federal government that calculates a yearly dollar figure; if an individual or a family has an income that is less than this figure, then that individual or family is by definition poor. As Francis Deviney of the Center for Public Policy Priorities discusses in the video clip found below, the definition of the poverty line, however, fails to reflect the modern expenditures of most contemporary households.

A graph of poverty rates in the US and Texas shows that every year since Texas has had a higher poverty rate than the US.

One might well ask why this is the case, and we shall address this question and others as we go along. What else is distinctive or notable about poverty in Texas? One way to answer this question is to ask how Texas ranks with the other fifty states on a variety of indicators.

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For example, in Texas ranked second among all the states in the percent of its populace that was poor that is, only four states had higher rates. The poverty rate for Texas in that year was The only other state that had higher poverty rates was Mississippi It should be pointed out that the four other states in the top five all have much smaller populations than Texas, and all are predominantly rural, as this table illustrates.The Legislative session was the eye of the storm.

For the first time since the boom years the Legislature didn’t face the double whammy of raising taxes and cutting spending. The secretary of state's office has counted nearly 2, colonias housing more than , Texans.

About 30 years ago, Lopez asked his wife, Juanita, if he could take a bag of groceries to some. The second issue surrounding the question of representation was the mode of election; that is, whether representatives should be elected by the people directly or by the members of the state legislatures.

There are dozens of additional ways to think about poverty in Texas and to compare Texas with the United States as a whole - education, child care, health insurance, health care and health disparities, housing, access to state services, ad so forth and so on. Half a million people live in the more than 2, colonias in Texas, Proponents say the question should be scrapped so residents don here's the answer to the problem, let's do it,' and.

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