The history behind steve jobs

He had just left the CEO post at Apple, the company he cofounded, for the second time. The two were members of the HomeBrew Computer Club, where they quickly became enamored with kit computers, and left the blue boxes behind.

The history behind steve jobs

To the tech-industry behemoth that we know and love today. So sit back as we take a stroll down memory lane. The story of The Lisa versus the Macintosh. The Macintosh and the DTP revolution. We go on to examine what happened between Jobs and Sculley, leading to Jobs departure from Apple, and what happened during The wilderness years: And finally, The return of Jobs to Apple.

The two Steves got along thanks to their shared love of technology and pranks. Jobs and Wozniak worked together on the Atari arcade game Breakout while Jobs was working at Atari and Wozniak was working at HP - Jobs had roped Woz into helping him reduce the number of logic chips required.

Jobs managed to get a good bonus for the work on Breakout, of which he gave a small amount to Woz. So Woz produced the the first computer with a typewriter-like keyboard and the ability to connect to a regular TV as a screen.

It was to really show the people around me, to boast, to be clever, to get acknowledgement for having designed a very inexpensive computer. Wozniak sold his HP calculator which cost a bit more than calculators do today!

Speaking to Byte magazine in DecemberWoz credited Jobs with the idea. I thought that it might be because there were apples in the orchard or maybe just its fructarian nature.

Maybe the word just happened to occur to him. In any case, we both tried to come up with better names but neither one of us could think of anything better after Apple was mentioned.

The Apple Logo There are other theories about the meaning behind the name Apple. The idea that it was named thus because Newton was inspired when an Apple fell out of a tree hitting him on the head, is backed up by the fact that the original Apple logo was a rather complicated illustration of Newton sitting under a tree.

These logos are probably the reason for other theories about the meaning behind the name Apple, with some suggesting that the Apple logo with a chunk taken out of it is a nod at computer scientist and Enigma code-breaker, Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating a cyanide infused apple. However, according to Rob Janoff, the designer who created the logo, the Turing connection is simply "a wonderful urban legend.

The idea being that the Apple represents knowledge. Byte Shop was going out on a limb: Neither could it get them. The Cramer manager told him that two scruffy kids had just walked in waving an order from the Byte Shop.

Terrell confirmed that it was, and the store agreed to front Jobs the parts on thirty-day credit.

The Roller Coaster Ride Begins

Did they have the money? When he unpacked them, Terrell, who had ordered finished computers, was surprised by what he found. As Michael Moritz explains in Return to the Little Kingdom"Some energetic intervention was required before the boards could be made to do anything.Jun 14,  · Download this song Watch the full battle New ERB Website & Merch can be found at http://erbofh.

on January 9, , Steve Jobs put sneaker to stage for what was the most incredible keynote presentations of his life—a life filled with incredible keynote presentations—and in . Apr 30,  · What's the story behind Apple's half eaten apple fruit logo?

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The history behind steve jobs

44 Answers. However, history behind Apple logo is quite interesting and full of rumors. Here, hard fact lay behind Steve Jobs' silence on the matter. He could have dismissed the creation myths inspired by his company, but he chose not to.

Oct 22,  · The story behind Steve Jobs' secret and the man he blamed. Join CNN Films for the TV premiere of "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine" on Sunday, January 3, at 9 . Steve Jobs had never suffered fools gladly, and as the pressure mounted, he became even more difficult to work with.

Employees from every part of the company began to approach John with complaints about Steve’s behavior, including some of Steve’s direct reports in the Macintosh Division.

Jobs () For the movie starring Michael Fassbender, see Steve Jobs Did the real Steve Jobs have a history of drug use? However, the true story behind the movie Jobs reveals that basic names such as Matrix and Personal Computers Inc.

were considered. In the end, they decided to temporarily name it Apple, agreeing that if they couldn't.

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