The awareness of zakat on income

When age and the income increased, the awareness to pay zakat is also increased. However, the compliance behaviour among youth to pay zakat is low, and there is no assurance that the zakat compliance level will increase as the age increases. If the level of compliance does not improve, then the potential to improve the zakat collection in the future is small. Therefore, it is very crucial to study the level of compliance behaviour on zakat among youth and to identify factors influencing their obligation towards zakat payment.

The awareness of zakat on income

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Transcription 1 Motivations of Paying Zakat on Income: Box 10,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: The aim of this paper is to identify factors that may influence the Muslims behaviour towards zakat on income. They were sent self-developed questionnaires requiring them to indicate their level of agreement on certain factors which might influence them in paying zakat on income.

Based on the mean ranking of those who pay zakat, the findings suggest that social, religious and economic factors prevail over the other relatively self-centered factors. This study concludes by suggesting that there is a need for proper education on zakat which may eventually help the Ummah to benefit from the noble system of zakat.

Zakat, Income, Malaysia, Factor, Determinant 1.

The awareness of zakat on income

Introduction Zakat on income is an Islamic levy on personal income derived from sources or activities where labours are involved. It includes professional fees, labour compensation, salaries, wages, bonuses, grants, gifts, dividend income and the like Nur Barizah, a.

It is one of the emerging issues in zakat. It follows that states in Malaysia also, due to Malaysian legal framework, has been practicing this zakat on income in numerous ways. There are not only different rulings among states, but also different extent of its enforcement and implementation. This paper attempts to examine the views of academicians on the factors influencing their payment behaviour towards zakat on income.

The important contribution of this paper is that those factors identified could be useful in planning or strategizing for the future of zakat system in the country.

This paper begins with the source of regulation of the zakatability of income. It then provides a brief discussion on the current practice of zakat on income in Malaysia.

Then, it proceeds with a review of prior studies conducted related to zakat on income. The research question is then presented to frame the readers mind in understanding the topic under study, followed by research methodology.

The awareness of zakat on income

Finally, it discusses the results of the study. Issues and Development The issue of zakatability of income has been a long debatable issue. Muslim scholars worldwide have various opposing opinions with regards to it Nur Barizah, a.

Some scholars agree on its zakatability, others object, while the rest remain silent. This section will provide some insights on the arguments provided by these scholars. Among the reasons given by those who believed in the zakatability of earned income are the following Al Qardawi, in Kahf, ; 1 texts of zakatability are general and inclusive, 2 excluding this category of 76 2 income is not consistent with levying zakat on agricultural income as well as on other kinds of zakatable incoe, 3 exempting this category results in relieving many of the rich persons while low income merchants and others are charged zakat, and, 4 charging this category zakat is consistent with the general priniciples of justice at large and its application to zakat is specific.The Status Of Women In Islam by Sh.

Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Translator's Note. We realise the importance of this book in dispelling some of the misconceptions of Islam, and in spreading a religion on Earth which can solve or allay the adversities which abound.

Zakat on income is among the main contribution to the development of Islamic socio-economic. The number of zakat payer is increasing yearly but there are certain individual in the society is unaware about the importance of paying . Mohd Rais said the seminar was to create public awareness towards paying zakat on income and share tips on investing in Shariah-compliant stocks and real estates.

Meanwhile, Mohd Asri Ahmad from. Awareness Effective campaign Zakat on income In Indonesia and Brunei there is no ruling on the issue of zakat on income.

Jaffar, Affif, Amri & Sahezan () explained that age is a demographic factor that influences the awareness of giving zakat and ultimately gives a positive impact on the compliance behaviour of giving zakat.

The increase of age in line with income raised the awareness to pay zakat. So that will foster a sense of public trust in the awareness for paying zakat on institution of zakat. In addition to trust in institution of zakat, the public awareness for paying zakat can also be influenced by the level of religiosity and earning.

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