Soul wound

One issue that we must confront in our quest to live free is "soul wounds.

Soul wound

Eduardo Duran has been working as a clinical psychologist for over two decades. Much of his clinical and research work has concentrated on working with the legacy of historical trauma. Historical trauma is the trauma that occurs in families and is then passed on to the following generation unless the trauma or soul wounding is dealt with.

Through that process he has learned that wounding of the spirit has been endured by most people in the world and the lessons learned from this work is relevant to most people presenting with therapeutic issues. Duran has extensive experience in all aspects of psychotherapy.

His practice over the years has been based on working with clients from their needs and gives them choices as to the methods that they may feel most comfortable with. Duran has served as a professor of psychology in several graduate settings and continues to teach, and lecture in community settings all over the world.

Interview by Evelyn Einhaeuser What makes an experience a traumatic one? The imprint left by the injury on the psyche soul will need healing. What are the differences in the understanding of the concept of trauma in Western psychology and Native American healing?

It is proper to pay homage to my root teacher as much of the insight in my answers to this interview are an amalgamation of his teachings with many years of my clinical experience.

My introduction to him was not planned and I resisted meeting him after he had sent word that he wanted to see me. Eventually a meeting was arranged and I was taken to him. He was paralyzed and could not move. During my first meeting with him the first thing he said to me was: His second questions was: He asked to see him again and after a time I became comfortable in his presence.

This continued for three years and during that time he spoke in a way that was not rational and his manner of communicating with me took on the feel of zen koans.

October 2018

A couple of days before the solistice I went to see him. He was sitting on his front porch wearing a new shirt and a new head band.

During this visit he spoke to me in a rational manner and connected his teaching in a manner that was understandable and made sense. On the day of the solistice he had his altar prepared for prayer. During this prayer he expelled himself into the spirit world which means the death of the physical body.

I realized at this point that I had been in the presence of a holy man. Also, I have realized that it was during the first visit that he gave me the spiritual transmission and that is the reason my ego wanted to lose consciousness.

I was not prepared for the full transmission, yet he gave this gift to me more depth on my teacher in my book: In Western models, trauma is understood as a physical and or psychological injury.

After working with patients who had been traumatized I realized that this understanding fell short because symptoms associated with trauma persisted even after therapies had been given for emotional and physical problems.

At this time I realized that there is a third component to trauma…a spiritual one. My understanding through the teaching of my root teacher allowed me to gain insight into this area.

When the perpetrator of trauma gets the intent to cause harm, the intent in his or her heart mind has the energy of their spiritual intent to cause harm. At this point the victim introjects a part of the perpetrator into their psyche. If gone undealt with as is the case with most western therapies the projected spirit of the perpetrator develops a life of its own in the unconscious of the victim.

At this point the deeper self of the victim realizes that the spirit of the perpetrator needs to be dealt with. The introverted person will then attempt to kill the perpetrator through self destructive behaviors such as addictions, depression, suicide and other ways of trying to deal with the energy.

Soul wound

Neither of these strategies work because the root spiritual problem persists in the energy of the perpetrator that has become a part of the personality of the victim.

What are the distinct differences in the treatment of trauma in both healing modalities and where are similarities? Distinct difference is what I mention in the previous answer.

The Wounded Soul

Also, in Native thought the trauma has a collective component in that we are not separate. Therefore, when someone is traumatized we are all hurt. At the time of trauma the earth herself also experiences trauma because we are the earth and not separate from it.

This collective earth component of trauma calls for a greater type of healing that involves not only the patient but the patient and their life-world needs to be part of the healing.

In traditional context, does suffering also have a deeper meaning, in the sense that it might be part of a spiritual or life process?

Can you give an example?

Soul wound

Suffering always has a deeper meaning.The Wounded Soul. Many of us carry a wounded soul. Our soul is also known as our spiritual heart. God showed me that our heart has four chambers like our . The aim of this article is to offer a mini refresher course to all those who learned what the wounds of the soul are by reading my book Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self.

Jan Johnson, author of Healing the Soul Wound () suggests that to heal historical amnesia and identity crisis’ cross racial alliances with all races should be achieved, and the races that are traumatized by the happenings in the past, due European colonization will reconcile through Johnny’s suggested healing process; forgiveness, compassion, and empathy.

Soul wounds can cause a person to get spiritually stuck and unable to move forward to draw near to our Lord. But, the good news is that our early, unhealthy relationship styles don’t have to . We talk a lot about soul healing, changing our reactions to people and situations to change outcomes, taking back our power and re-framing the past.

However, we can become so focussed on the healing process itself – and the symptoms of the soul wounds that caused the pain in the first place, that. Some situations in life seem to reach in and wound the very depths of our soul.

When our soul is wounded we can sometimes feel as if we can never recover. Soul healing takes time but here are some of the signs that tell us that healing has taken place.

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