Sir henry morgan

The Welshman was a magnificent buccaneercertainly the most famous one.

Sir henry morgan

Printables Sir Sir henry morgan Morgan was a famous Caribbean pirate and privateer. He was one of the most successful pirates of all time.

InMorgan was commissioned by the governor of Jamaica to capture Spanish prisoners in Cuba to learn details of a possible attack planned on Jamaica. With ten ships and over men, Morgan first sailed to Cuba and destroyed the town of Puerto Principe. Morgan then sailed to Panama, where he captured the fortified town of Portobelo.

Morgan and his crew only agreed to leave Portobelo, and spare the city from incineration, after the governor offered them a large ransom. Morgan and his crew next sailed to their headquarters in Port Royal, Jamaica, where they celebrated. Morgan next planned an attack on the isthmus of Panama.

On December 15,Morgan and over 1, soldiers attacked and occupied Santa Catalina Island off the coast of Nicaragua before reaching Panama.

On December 27, after a long battle in which Spaniards were killed, Morgan and his men took Chagres Castle and then planned a major attack on Panama.

Sir henry morgan

On January 18,Morgan split his forces in two and routed roughly 1, poorly trained Spanish soldiers stationed in Panama. Morgan and his men left Panama with overpounds of stolen goods and treasures before burning Panama City to the ground.

Residents of the city were tortured until they revealed the locations of more treasure. Inthe Queen of England knighted Henry Morgan for his service to the crown. Morgan died inpossibly of tuberculosis or liver cirrhosis. Sir Henry Morgan has remained prominent in popular culture well after his death.Sir Henry Morgan: Sir Henry Morgan, Welsh buccaneer, most famous of the adventurers who plundered Spain’s Caribbean colonies during the late 17th century.

Operating with the unofficial support of the English government, he undermined Spanish authority in the West Indies. Morgan’s origins and early career are.

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Sir Henry Morgan, or today famous as Captain Morgan, the face of the brand of spiced rum with the same name was a Welsh privateer, landowner and, later, Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. He was born in in Llanrhymny, then a village in South Wales, where he spent his childhood.

Sir Henry Morgan, (born , Llanrhymney, Glamorgan [now in Cardiff], Wales—died August 25, , probably Lawrencefield, Jamaica), Welsh buccaneer, most famous of the adventurers who plundered Spain’s Caribbean colonies during the late 17th century.

British Admiral and Knight. Known as one of the world's most daring and dangerous pirates, he was actually a privateer. This means that he was commissioned by the British Government to loot and plunder any and all Spanish ships, since England and Spain were at war.

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The loot that he captured was his payment. He was of Place Of Birth: Cardiff, Wales. Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer: A Romance of the Spanish Main [Cyrus Townsend Brady] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Cyrus Townsend Brady was a late 19th century American journalist and historian, but some of his best known works were adventure fiction. Today3/5(1). Henry Morgan was born around in Llanrhymny, Wells.

Already as a youngster, Henry was ambitious and very lively person who could not settle with a monotonous life in a quiet place. He decided to move on because he had a dream to be a sailor.

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