Public library business plan

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Public library business plan

A good library is accessible to the community. Standard 7 requires that each public or free association library be open a fixed schedule of minimum weekly hours open on a week basis.

The minimum number of weekly hours open is linked to the size of the population the library is chartered to serve. Minimum weekly hours open means the fewest number of hours the library is open to the public every week during the year.

Many public libraries exceed these standards because the community, library board and library staff recognize that the number of hours of public service leads to greater service to and use by the public. While libraries may consider expanding public service hours during some parts of the year to meet increased customer needs, Standard 7 requires that each library also maintain the fixed schedule of minimum weekly hours open on a week basis.

The library should post the days and the hours when the library is open in a prominent location and include hours open in printed information describing the library and its services.

Public library business plan communities, such as summer resorts, experience a large influx of population for a part of the year.

Although not required, resort community libraries should consider expanding public service hours to meet increased customer needs during these times. Library hours should include morning, afternoon, evening and weekend hours based on actual and potential customer needs.

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The standards do not require a library to open on public library business plan holidays or Sundays. Libraries should try to schedule different hours of service at outlets if possible.

Consult your system for help in analyzing user needs and deciding the hours that best meet varying customer needs. Various publications provide helpful "rules of thumb" or "standards" for the number of seats, shelving, or meeting room facilities needed by communities of varying sizes.

Although it is old, the Anders Dahlgren pamphlet, "Planning the Small Public Library" listed at the end of this section, has both such "rules of thumb" and a good introduction to library building planning. As important, there are books and articles that help librarians and trustees evaluate and plan for the improvement of their libraries.

Some of these focus on such important matters as compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and environmental regulations such as asbestos and lead abatement. Building experts would first ask the library director and board, "what are the goals and service plans of the Library?

Once these plans are defined, the board, director and others can better decide on space needs, layout, and technical specifications such as wiring for technology.

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A long-range plan with clearly articulated mission statement, goals, objectives and an action plan provides a basis for evaluating whether or not a library has a facility which adequately meets community needs. The planning and evaluation process should involve input from staff, members of the community or communities served including people with physical disabilities and the board, and be conducted in an open, well-publicized manner.

This ensures that those paying for and residing in the service area will have a say in, and take ownership of, their library facility.

The library may find it useful to hire a consultant to assist with the facility plan. Care must be taken to provide for a facility which is accessible to the entire community. Where legal mandates -- whether local, State, or Federal -- exist, it is the responsibility of the library to be aware of and comply with those requirements.

Associations such as the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans offer free help and expertise, as do local code enforcement officers. If funds and community support are needed to implement a facility plan, the plan should be widely disseminated and used to gain public understanding.

Responsibilities should be clearly laid out, timelines set, and tasks completed.

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There are a number of useful materials to guide the library in meeting this standard. The following are highly recommended. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Serving the Disabled; a how-to-do-it manual for librarians, Keith C. Wright and Judith F.

Each public library system has a construction plan as part of its responsibility in administering part of the state construction aid. Your system, therefore, is likely to have additional information materials, advice, and suggestions for evaluating and planning facilities.

This standard identifies several types of equipment a library needs to enable patrons and staff to access and use information.

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The principle behind Standard 9 is that New Yorkers of all ages should have access to the information they need in a variety of formats, and modern technologies can facilitate this goal. The equipment identified in Standard 9 should help Library staff provide a wider range of library service in a more timely, effective manner and allow library users access to electronic resources.

Microcomputer or terminal with printer -- A microcomputer or terminal with printer that is linked by telecommunications with outside institutions and databases alows the library to participate in electronic communications, resources sharing and information services.

Additional benefits include capability to create electronic spreadsheets, word processing documents, and other documents now an integral part of modern business and institutional practice.Some library locations are still experiencing technical issues.

Public computer, wifi, printer availability and other information can be found here. Welcome to The Westport Public Library website in Westport Connecticut.

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public library business plan

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