Public health essay conclusion

Public Health Introduction Public health forms an integral part in the environment that we live, its main functions is to protect and improve the health of the society through the provision of education and promoting the lifestyles we acquire through research and implementation of the necessary infrastructure to sustain it, this allows the prevention of diseases thus promoting life and improves our health, organized choices are therefore adapted. Gostin explores public health as a big institution.

Public health essay conclusion

Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: Who Will Keep the Public Healthy?: Educating Public Health Professionals for the 21st Century. The National Academies Press. Nonetheless, the primary foci of U. Accordingly, most investments in capacity building in the last century have paralleled the dominance of this biomedical model, with public mostly federal dollars directed at capital investments in hospitals and medical schools, and on research activities on these issues in academic medical centers Boufford and Lee, Health investments in population-based or public health capacity building, whether in laboratories, information systems, research, or workforce development and training have lagged woefully Public health essay conclusion IOM, A variety of forces—among them globalization, technologic and scientific advances, and rapid demographic shifts—are hastening the need to refocus attention and resources away from these traditional biomedical efforts toward those of population health.

Public health essay conclusion

The committee has relied on an ecological model of health to shape the implications of these changes on public health workforce needs; developing a framework for education, training, and research based on the ecological model.

The ecological model recognizes accumulating evidence that the health of individuals and the community is determined relatively little by health care per se and far more by multiple other factors, and by their interactions.

Public health essay conclusion

These factors include biology e. A public health professional is a person educated in public health or a related discipline who is employed to improve health through a population focus. The committee believes that well-educated public health professionals, who have a real understanding of the multiple determinants of health and their interactions the ecological modelare critical to shaping new knowledge, programs, and policies relevant to both individual health and health care, and to population health in the coming century.

These professionals must have a broad range of skills and information. They must be able to understand and apply new advances in science e. They must be proficient in communication in order to interact effectively with multiple audiences, to understand and incorporate the needs and perspectives of culturally diverse communities in public health interventions and research, and to inform policy.

Further, public health professionals will need to apply new approaches to research, approaches that involve practitioners, researchers, and the community in joint efforts to improve health and to understand global health issues that increasingly transcend national boundaries. Of course, public health professionals must be able to identify and address the numerous ethical issues that arise in public health practice and research.

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Public health professionals come from a variety of professions and are educated in a number of different types of institutions. Because education for all public health professionals, no matter where they are educated, must be both relevant to the challenges of the 21st century and of high quality, the committee has focused its recommendations not just on programs and schools of public health, but also on schools of medicine, nursing, and other professional schools e.

Education, research, and practice linkages among these institutions must be fostered. Recent events, particularly those of September 11,and their aftermath, have brought public health and its professional practitioners from relative obscurity to broad visibility.

These events have dramatized the need to connect the spheres of health care and public health, both to each other and to their interaction with the public. Clearly demonstrated was the need for public health and health care sectors to be better able to characterize and communicate risk and uncertainty.

The committee tackled the challenges faced by public health and its professionals, given this moment in history, recognizing the opportunity for public health to address many infrastructure and workforce needs because of its increased visibility.

As stated earlier in the report, previous efforts to design truly effective systems of public health education generally foundered because of lack of political will, public disinterest, or pau- Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: Despite the opportunities provided to public health in terms of resources and attention directed at disaster preparedness as a result of September 11,and the subsequent anthrax attacks, it is critical that this admittedly important issue not dwarf other challenges of public health and that necessary attention and support be given to strengthening the public health system, including educating public health professionals.

It is against this background that the committee developed its recommendations.Yet the principle acknowledges that public health will also concern itself with some immediate causes and some curative roles. For example, the treatment of curable infections is important to the prevention of transmission of infection to others.

The term “public health” is used here and elsewhere in the Code to represent the entire field of . The challenges facing the international public health’s concern improving networks and methods of identifying, tracking, and responding to the emergence of new diseases.

Building an effective, integrated web of global public health services to serve these needs is, of course, itself a kind of globalization.

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A public health professional is a person educated in public health or a related discipline who is employed to improve health through a population focus. The committee believes that well-educated public health professionals, who have a real understanding of the multiple determinants of health and their interactions (the ecological model), are.

This means a multisectoral approach to managing the problem of global disease that includes governments, industry, public and private financiers, academia, international organizations and civil society, all of whom have responsibilities for building global public health security.

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