Persuasive essay lockers

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Persuasive essay lockers

Return to Top of Page With the exception of computer labs and science labs, there doesn't seem to be a lot of essential variation from classroom to classroom within the same school. But, the location of the entry Persuasive essay lockers is sometimes in the left corner, the right corner, or even in the middle.

How do you want your kids to enter and exit your classroom? If you channel them all in one direction, you won't have to worry about them swarming in, knocking stuff off the teacher's desk, and otherwise acting chaotic.

In my case, my classroom door was in the left corner of the room and my desk was located directly across from it. As a result, I determined that students entering the room should immediately turn right, proceed to the back of the room, turn left, continue to the appropriate aisle, and then move forward to their assigned seats.

When exiting the classroom, students would follow the same movement pattern in reverse. Persuasive essay lockers to Top of Page What do you want your kids to accomplish before they enter your classroom?

I think that we would all agree that students should be prepared for learning when they enter your classroom.

They should have already visited the restrooms. They should have already had a turn at the water fountain.

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But most importantly, they should have made that visit to their lockers to get what they need for your class: As a language arts teacher, not only did I inform them of what I expected them to bring to my class, I also posted daily reminders on the hallway bulletin board right outside the classroom door.

If you make this clear to your kids from the very beginning, you won't find yourself in the position of having to write hall passes throughout the class period instead of facilitating learning. Unless there is a true emergency, I remind students, no one will be allowed to leave my classroom.

Persuasive essay lockers

If that sounds a little draconian, remind students that we are in the business of success. Success requires full participation, attention, and sincere effort.

The kinds of things that they are likely to learn in the hallway, will not likely contribute to their chances of being successful. Return to Top of Page What additional materials will students need after they have gotten to your class, and how will they obtain them? On Mondays in my class, for example, students know that they need their reading journals for Readers Workshop.

Their reading journals are actually file folders containing their written responses to writing prompts, a list of prompts to write about, and the rubric to guide their efforts.

Without these folders, students will have nothing to do during work time. As a result, I keep these file folders in my classroom so that they will not magically disappear in lockers or end up under beds.

Return to Top of Page When they enter my classroom on that particular day and they have gotten to the rear of the room, they get their folders from a document holder that I have labeled to match their seat numbers.

Document holders are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in your local office supply store. Because I have five classes, each numbered slot contains as many as five folders. To prevent them from standing there sorting through folders to find theirs, I color code the folders.

Everyone in my first period class has blue folders. The only blue folder in slot number eight belongs to my first period student, Andrew Garcia. As a result, Andrew is able to select his folder quickly and then proceed to his seat.1 C hoose one of the persuasive writing prompts from the list below and write an essay.

A certain number of prompts have model essays in the answer section that you can use to compare and con-. A student’s locker is just like their own little room in the school. The 10 inch by 7 foot locker is the small place where a student keeps all of their personal items like homework, cell phone, or even clothes.

Persuasive essay lockers

Even though a school might think they are protecting everyone by randomly searching lockers, it is unfair. A locker is owned by the school and loaned to the student, therefore entry is always legal.

With this legal authority, schools should flex their rights and protect their students. With rising crime rates and high-profile shootings, firearms are often stored in the schools’ lockers.

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