Panera bread industry analysis essay

Their vision was to make this available to consumers all across the United States. Their goal is to have nearly Panera Bread bakery-cafes open by the end of Their franchise has been growing rapidly due to the standard that they put in place for every franchise, the quality of the food, and the ever-changing menu.

Panera bread industry analysis essay

Before beginning this exercise, you will need to read the Panera Bread case. You will also need to review the analytical tools and concepts in Chapter 4 and the five generic competitive strategies in Chapter 5.

The following questions will be covered in this exercise. What are the key success factors for a restaurant chain that operates in the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry? Show correct answer What are the key success factors for a restaurant chain that operates in the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry?

Pricing that customers deem to be reasonable. A limited number of menu selections, all with low-cost ingredients. Capabilities in creating good-tasting recipes for menu selections that can be prepared cost-effectively and with consistent quality by the kitchen staffs at multiple restaurant locations.

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Strong capabilities in restaurant operations and restaurant management. Using fresh, all-natural and organic ingredients in all menu dishes. An appealing menu that is somewhat distinctive from rival restaurant chains and that is periodically refreshed with new selections.

Innovative and unique menu selections that are not available at any rival restaurants. Providing customers with a satisfying preferably enjoyable dining experience. A nationally known brand name. A customer loyalty program. Convenient and desirable location.

Show correct answer A. An attractive and appealing menu, with high quality food at a good price the company delivers good value for the money 2.

Bread-baking expertise, with artisan breads as a signature product 4. High ratings in customer satisfaction studies 7.

A good brand name that management is continuing to strengthen 8. Regional facilities and fleet of temperature controlled trucks that supply fresh bread and bagel dough along with tuna, cream cheese spreads, and certain fresh fruits and vegetables to company-owned and franchised stores Low ratings in customer satisfaction studies 3.

Lack of competitive dinner menu offerings 6. Which of the following are attractive market opportunities for Panera? Open more outlets, both company-owned and franchised, in the U. Open growing numbers of Panera Bread locations outside the U.

Vertically integrate backward into dough-making 4. Begin offering off-premise catering sales. The sluggish slow-growth economic environment in the United States 2.

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The very low barriers to entering the chain-concept fast-casual restaurant segment with nationwide restaurant locations—it would be easy for a competitor to copy what Panera is doing and quickly become successful at it.

New rival restaurant chains grab the attention of consumers and draw some patrons away from Panera—in other words, competition from other restaurant chains either those in the fast-casual segment or other restaurant categories becomes more intense 5.

Panera seems to have adequate market opportunities to continue expanding the number of locations in the U. Panera is running out of attractive market opportunities, thus limiting its future growth in revenues and profits.

Panera has plenty of growth opportunities it can pursue for several years to come, and it seemingly has the resource strengths and capabilities to pursue them. Finance and accounting activities 2. Marketing and brand name building 3.

Designing, locating, and opening new restaurants 4. Hiring and training new employees for company-operated restaurants 5. Menu development, recipe creation, and recipe testing 6.Category: Business and Industry. Date Submitted: View Full Essay. Panera Bread Case Analysis 1.

What is the generic strategy of Panera Bread? In which direction is it going? What is its target market? I consider Panera’s generic strategy to be broad differentiation. Even though they do offer a variety of products (baked goods, sandwiches.

Panera Bread Established a Unique Position in the Restaurant Industry by Using the Strategy of Creating a New Category Which Is Called Swot Analysis on Kimberly-Clark Corporation Ryanair Swot Analysis.

Our consulting team completed an analysis of Panera Bread Company mainly focusing on the opportunities and threats within the industry, Panera‟s competitive capabilities, and the company‟s strengths and weaknesses. Panera Bread Company Annual Report to Stockholders.

April 22, which we believe to be the best in the restaurant industry – to provide a more “personalized” experience for our guests to drive transactions and frequency.

Panera Bread Company. We are Panera Bread And we believe that good food, food you can feel good about, can bring out the best in all of us. Food served in a warm, welcoming environment, by people who care.

Panera bread industry analysis essay

The current essay focuses on the analysis of Panera Bread activities in order to make the proposition of the structural or managerial improvements in case of some potential problems. Is the industry attractive?

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