Nus business school thesis library

Benefits The benefits of doing a HD are as follows: To do a research in the area of your interests To contribute to the topic in the area of your interests. You learn to frame your own research with the guidance from a professor.

Nus business school thesis library

She served a four-year term and was reappointed inbut resigned after one year to allow Koh Lip Lin to continue his post. The USP education focuses on strengthening core academic and professional skills — writing and critical thinking, analytical and quantitative reasoning, the ability to ask the right questions and pursue research, and the habit of reflecting upon ideas within a broad intellectual landscape.

This is done through an intensive and rigorous multi-disciplinary curriculum, and a rich offering of local and international programmes. Alongside a vibrant student life, the residential college is a space for discussions on diverse issues, allowing students to develop meaningful engagement with real-world matters.

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It exists as an autonomous college within NUS, allowing it greater freedom to develop its own policies while tapping on the existing facilities and resources of the main university.

Located across the NUS Kent Ridge campus, this is where some 2, undergraduate students, 1, graduate students and 1, researchers work, live, and learn in close proximity. There are four residential colleges: Around students live in the USP residential college, which contains the administrative and faculty offices for USP as well as teaching classrooms.

Students have various options to fulfil their USP advanced curriculum requirements that include individual research with faculty mentors, and industrial and entrepreneurial attachments. Tembusu houses mainly undergraduates, in addition to resident faculty, distinguished visiting scholars and a few graduate fellows.

The College offers five multi-disciplinary modules fulfilling the "University-Level Requirements" 2 General Education modules, 2 Breadth modules, and 1 Singapore Studies module which most NUS undergraduates must read to graduate. Students read the rest of their modules in their home faculties.

A University Town Residential Programme Certificate is issued to eligible students, along with the regular degree scroll.

Nus business school thesis library

Students from non-modular faculties i. Law, Medicine and Dentistry also belong to the College, but with coursework tailored to their specific programmes. In addition to providing a two-year academic programme the University Town College ProgrammeCAPT is distinguished by the vision of helping students engage with the community within and outside of NUS.

It consciously weaves the theme of active citizenship and community engagement through its curriculum and other aspects of the student experience. RC4 believes in catalysing a generation of systems citizens in Singapore by employing systems thinking and systems dynamic modelling to elicit mental models to emulate the complexity of the problems around us — such as population dynamics, diseases and healthcare.

More information about the College can be found at http: It is the only residential college that is situated outside University Town.

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The low-rise interconnected buildings are nestled against the backdrop of the Kent Ridge Forest, visually distinct with their brick-clad exteriors, open courtyards and heritage trees.

The site was the former location for Kent Ridge Hall until November As the college program gradually evolved and the student community grew, construction began in November for a new building to complement the needs of the college.

The new Annex building became operational in March Centre for Instructional Technology CITwhich provides for the exploration, development and application of digital and audio-visual technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Institute of Systems Science ISSwhich offers professional information technology continuing education to managers and IT practitioners.

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Efforts focus in many areas, but especially in team-based learning, student-centred learning, grading and assessment, effective classroom discussion, impactful feedback, and intercultural engagement for all the divisions - Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities.HD forms for students intending to complete the Honours Dissertation over two semesters.

HD forms for students intending to complete the Honours Dissertation over one semester. IHD/IHT forms For DDP students intending to complete the Integrated Honours Dissertation/Thesis. grants grantee(s) amount initiative state(s) date; Faculty-Led Curriculum Redesign in the California State University System: San Francisco State University.

National University of Singapore is a leading university in the global arena.

Nus business school thesis library

A vibrant knowledge community, NUS provides quality undergraduate and graduate education, conducts high-impact research and engages in research and education focus on pure, applied and life sciences, engineering, business, computer science, architecture, design, arts and humanities, building and.

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Welcome. We are glad that you are considering spending one semester/year/special term with us as a Non-Graduating (Exchange or Non-Exchange) student.

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Come and join students from leading universities all over the world for an enriching and rewarding experience at the National University of Singapore (NUS)! Global Presence, International Perspective.

In an era fraught with economic instabil­ity, security challenges, poverty, inequality, and vulnerability, training the next genera­tion of cross-sector leaders is more impor­tant than ever.

Nus Business School Thesis Library