Music business plan artist quotes

Writing business plans are my specialty, so I plan to revisit this topic in more detail, sometime in the near future. The logical next step is to put a basic plan on paper to make sense of all you have recently discovered. Even if you limit your plan to both sides of a bar napkin, it is better than not having a plan at all. The purpose is to map out your release from start to finish, so you can avoid any surprises along the way.

Music business plan artist quotes

This includes her income streams, who her customers and fans are, what value she brings to the world, who she potentially partners with to make things happen, what daily activities she needs undertake, how much everything costs and so on.

Some ideas could only match the profile of a superstar, others could be replicated by beginner artists as well. The point is — these students had no prior experience on how business models work and, with some external help, they managed to break down the complicated?

I will mention two things and then will pose the one million-dollar question: The obvious answer is: The answer is more complicated and nuanced.

At no point do I claim to know everything about what is being discussed. There is a lot of unexplored territory in the area of music business models.

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Simply get in touch via my websiteFacebookTwitter and in the comments of the online essay. Ready to set sail on this journey? Being a musician and having a business model in place is a concept.

Not a good or bad concept, just a concept. However, as with almost every new and unfamiliar concept, there are many barriers to its adoption.

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My favourite barriers, and this is what I will refer to below, are the mental barriers, widely known as misconceptions or mind-traps.

Although this is a potential scenario, it is not a realistic scenario. It might happen somebody might discover and sign you, your fans might buy all of your CDs etc.

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10 Step Marketing Plan for Artists Just as a blog can build buzz around a book or business, it can also be used to promote your art. You tinker with your own creative projects and wonder if you could use a blog to promote them too.

Instead you build something that is heavily dependent on the agenda of others and unlikely probabilities. This is definitely not a healthy and well-informed path to choose. Literally, you never made money from music — you always made money from things around music.


Music always helped attract attention, then money was made with a successful and smart business model. What about the venue you perform in? They are also your customers. What about the movie that uses your song? What about the students you teach how to play the guitar?

They are customers of yours as well. There are a vast amount of customer groups that musicians could create value for and make money from.

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We only explore a fraction of the possibilities. This is a common mistake most musicians make. They provide value to certain customer groups potentially your fans. What about live shows?

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This is an experience, not a product. What about connectivity that a community offers? This is also intangible, but of value. What about that guitar course? That song you got placed?

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A legal use of copyright. The insider experience of coming backstage? The exclusivity of getting a track first?93 quotes from Loren Weisman: 'A straightforward answer to a straightforward question will move you that much more forward in this world, that much faster.', 'If some musicians put half as much effort in to the business side as they do their outer look and appearances, they could be twice as far.', and 'The people who blame everything and every body else for their lack of success, tended to.

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Enjoy, Ormond “A plan is a list of actions arranged in whatever sequence is thought likely to achieve an objective.” John Argenti “A man who.

music business plan artist quotes

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business plans and as such, this is only one possible model. Make sure that you are writing a business plan which best reflects you as an artist and your music. A Collection of Music Business Quotes (with thanks and/or apologies to all contributors) Assembled by Christopher Knab Over the years I have collected various quotes I found in magazines, books, email messages, and the internet.

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