Macro environment of nestle uk

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Macro environment of nestle uk

And it's part of our role to participate and save the world, to help and develop all the laws or regulations and strategies which would help the world to develop more, to bloom and also to get out of the crisis.


I expect that we will be able to put together a few recommendations to the G20 governments and that these recommendations will contribute to improving the working conditions and living conditions of citizens across the world.

And it is city in Russia and Russia is one of our member states.

Macro environment of nestle uk

So things which are going on in our member states we Macro environment of nestle uk to support as much as possible. Especially when it has a progressive and forward looking agenda.

GY Summit is a good opportunity to bring people that would never meet otherwise together and they would be able to exchange here ideas and some arguments that they would not do in their normal working environment.

In that sense it is very important that it brings people together from all walks of life in different industries and let them brainstorm without inhibitions. This is exactly what we would be looking forward as a generation of people who want to see a better world. The evening events were great, I especially like the concert of the classical music.

I think the performances of the opera singers were amazing, the violinist was excellent and the tango was fabulous.

Macro environment of nestle uk

I congratulate you for that, for selecting and for the perfect organization and implementation. I also like the sailing experience in the Gulf of Finland — it was quite unique. People were inspired by each other, provoking different ideas and exchanging diversified opinions. Also I see practical and realistic approach by getting G20 local governments involved in the GY Summits.

The young business leaders were the people who created the GY Summit Communique. However, our Communique are eventually about the global policies, which should be conducted each government of G20 countries. Therefore, the idea to have local government ministers or vice ministers in the GY Summit Committees worked very well, as we let them hear our innovative ideas and we made our communique reflected onto their policy.

The organization is fabulous. I can only say the words of compliments and I have been very impressed with both: I would be very delighted to continue and I definitely recommend this event to my colleagues in Schneider.

And I think it's also an opportunity for me to meet other people to share different ideas and to share a point of view and a part of your current business.

It was nice because there were maybe 7 or 8 people in the Committee so we were trying to share different points of views — it's not so easy.

It's quite nice people from India or China and of course from Europe. It's such a great opportunity to network. And I'm actually really impressed by the background and the experience and the diversity of the participants.

So I hope to be able to count on that network in the future. And finally it's going to enable me for find the reason why I'm in business, my sense of mission. Belgium Valerie Diele-Braun Having been nominated by DSM, I felt very honored to be able to attend this event as it had always been a dream for me to participate in such a venue.

The G20Y is for me the small version of the WEF and a learning ground for young executives to exchange thoughts and ideas, make connections and work on the future with other smart people. I thoroughly enjoyed the people, the atmosphere and the challenging opportunity presented to us. I also wanted to thank you for your companion and positive attitude during the summit.

I have myself organized a few less ambitious events and know how hard it can be. Thank you for making it so easy and fun for us to participate. I hope that your trips back from Mexico City are uneventful and enjoyable.User Name: First Name: Last Name: Password: Email Address: Last Login: Security Level: Spare-- @.

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