Lesson plan in music iii

Teachers can modify the worksheets to fit the needs of each class. The tentacles of anemones are poisonous. How can the clownfish live among them? Scientists believe that by dancing up against the tentacles for a time clownfish develop a protective mucous covering.

Lesson plan in music iii

Developmental Activity The students will follow the interpretation and perform the two local dances with the aid of teacher. Double circle, boys in the inside circle and facing counterclockwise, girls on the outside circle and facing clockwise.

Starting with the right foot, take four step forward, counterclockwise for boys and clockwise for girls. Arms are down at sides 4 counts. Stop in front of somebody, that is in front of the second dancer, join Right hands and shake hands four times giving own name at the same time 4 counts.

Repeat a and b. With right hands still joined with the new partner, take four change steps moving once around clockwise, starting with the right foot. Free hands are down at sides.

Dance 2 — Apat-apat Four by Four Music: Partners join inside hands, free hands down at sides. Release hands, turn right about. Release hands, face each other, starting with the right foot, take four steps backward away from each other, hands down at sides 4 counts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2M d.

Repeat c, moving forward to meet each other. Face right so that left shoulders are towards each other. Starting with the right foot, take four steps forward, girls moving counterclockwise and boy, clockwise. Hands as in c. Repeat a, moving backward.

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Face each other, join right hands, free hands down at sides. Take four steps forward turning clockwise. Partners finish with Left shoulders towards center. Starting with the right foot, boys take four step forward to the next girl.

The girls in the meantime, take four steps turning once clockwise in place 4 counts - - - - - - - - - - - 2M The whole dance is repeated thrice.

Evaluation List the Basic dance steps in:Hindi Lesson Plans. Opposite: Lesson Plan Page 1: Lesson Plan Page 2: Exercise 1: Exercise 2: Mood: Lesson Plan Page 1: Lesson Plan Page 2: About Us | Videos | Music | Books | Specials | Learning | Contact Us | Sitemap Hindi DVD Video | India Languages | Learn Hindi | Hindi Language | Hindi Music for Children | Our Favorite Links © May 19,  · MALHACAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL City of Meycauayan, Bulacan Lesson Plan in Science I.

Objectives Identifies the senses associated with the sense organs.

Lesson plan in music iii

Values: Appreciation of the value of curiosity II. Subject Matter: Sense Organs A. Science Concepts/Ideas We have five senses - the sense of sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense.

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English II Backwards-design Lesson Plan 8/26//4/13 Stage 1 – Desired Results Content Standard(s): ELAA Determine the meaning of grade -level technical academic English words in . vi-ii-iii And guess what: You don’t even need to play the root chord to be in the key.

A vi-ii-iii progression in the key of C, for instance, is an A minor, D minor and E minor. Grades ELA, Researching to Deepen Understanding Unit: Music and Technology Overview The Researching to Deepen Understanding units lay out an inquiry process through which students learn how to deepen their understanding of topics.

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Lesson plan in music iii
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