Kennedy vs nxon

It was the first of four televised "Great Debates" between Kennedy and Nixon. The first debate centered on domestic issues. The high point of the second debate, on 7 October, was disagreement over U.

Kennedy vs nxon

January 2, Leave a Comment The difficulty of getting back in once you have sold in stocks is underlined vis a vis the buy and hold strategy, as well as the fate of short selling, as well as timing— by the fast 50 point move in stocks today. It seems like generally speaking one should either trade, as in being in and out "often" or buy and hold.

Buying and holding except for periodically being out or short seems to be what Victor is addressing, and I have always been suspicious of "market timing". All it takes is getting it wrong once, and you are in a hole that's expanding for a long time.

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I'm still curious how Victor was so sure there would be a deal. As a staffer, one could have slapped the emini around harder the Khan brothers squash ball. Let us hope that the profits from such activity were sufficient to assuage any such desires for a few days.

The dance is a re-run and in prior seasons, the cliff is avoided. Sitcom writers can re-cycle plots endlessly. It's the binary conundrum of markets: I heard a Congressman speak recently and have to admit it was an enlightening experience.

Traditionally, members display a certain amount of restraint when speaking of colleagues with whom they find grievous fault. In a refreshing departure from good manners, this gentleman took the gloves off and bluntly stated that a goodly number of his fellow representatives are less than bright.

The word "clown" came up several times and "stupid" might have been slipped in. Although he artfully avoided specifying individuals or party, I couldn't help but believe that he, like many in the "beltway", had come to the same conclusion: Unsurprisingly, the congressman's public and scathing view is shared by the current establishment elite.

It's dangerous to out there and speak your mind if what you say is out of step with the conventional wisdom. However, the "fiscal cliff" isn't a maiden making her debut.

We've had two relatively recent encounters with her; so her charms, though formidable, are familiar. Her appearances in '91 and '95 were just as awesome and, as expected, so compelling that one of the parties bit into the proffered apple.

Unfortunately, the fruit, which is bitter and often fatal, is the produce of the tree of Folly. On this most recent visit, though, she is confronted by a group so naive and simple that her blandishments have gone unrequited.

In any event, it's apparent that the respect whether real or faked House members used to show each other, at least in public, has been thrown over for a newer, more aggressive, in-your-face approach.

Kennedy vs nxon

Long gone are the clever and informed debates which provided a rich mix of facts, history, and truth. It seems important to figure out why this has developed and if, in fact, a functioning government is still possible.

If one studies what the House has been in the past and what it has evolved into, it's impossible to overlook that this body has lost, or given up, much of it's power and authority.

The growth of the executive branch the Imperial Presidency is one factor. Back in '96 the congress and the president worked long and hard to create the first welfare reform package. Contrary to forecast of terrible consequences, the new programs worked well. Yet, in one day, an Executive Order by the current president re-established the old, failed programs.

Another assumed power has been the declaration of war, and the most recent threat: While the Executive Order has been increasingly utilized to usurp powers constitutionally granted to the House and Senatethe greatest loss of power has been though Congress' voluntary abandonment of authority to "regulatory agencies.

Each agency is staffed by unelected individuals, many with their own agendas, who dictate new regulations that possess the force of law. It's understandable that so much work has to be delegated, but to give it to agencies that are unanswerable to the body that created them is inexcusable.

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Then, of course, there is "party discipline. Those that didn't faced many difficulties: Unfortunately, this approach worked, and worked well. As a result, many constituents found that the views they wished their representatives to promote in D.

The "house of the people" became a house held hostage.At the moment when Kennedy, McNamara at his elbow, was flaying the Eisenhower administration for the infamous “gap,” the US government from its spy planes that the Soviet Union had precisely one missile silo with an untested missile in it.

Richard Milhouse Nixon was the 37th President, serving from He is infamous for the Watergate scandal, for which he was almost impeached.

But Nixon ended the Vietnam War in and opened trade relations with China. He negotiated a treaty with Russian leader Leonid I.

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Kennedy vs nxon

Nixon's campaign staff urged him to pursue recounts and challenge the validity of Kennedy's victory in several states, especially in Illinois, Missouri, and New Jersey, where large majorities in Catholic precincts handed Kennedy the election. Newspaper Page Text THE MOENltfG OREG02LA1S, SATURDAY, JUNE 18, OANADA MAY GOME Appropriation of $50, for Lewis and Clark Fair.

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