Evaluating media for credibility

More Essay Examples on Media Rubric Cavuto was cordial and respectful when talking to his guests, his interviewing tactics were heavy-handed, and seemed like thinly veiled attempts to discredit the Democratic Party. I found the entire program to be biased against the Democrats. All of the promotions for upcoming shows seemed to hammer the point that Fox News feels that Democrats are bad for our country. The entire 30 minutes felt desperate and contrived.

Evaluating media for credibility

Download this Essay in word format. Other categories are equally important. The added value assesses whether there is anything new or special for Evaluating media for credibility user. Accessability is important because social media outlets are designed for individuals who contribute content in different contexts.

Privacy and security deals with protecting the users, while the motivating factors looks at how rewarding the participation for the user is, whether it takes into account all users beginners, advanced users, etc. The web tool evaluates information reliability by assessing "accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage" Silius, Kailanto, and Tervakari The approach presented by Silius, Kailanto, and Tervakari is a good example of how the quality of social media may be evaluated within a specific context.

But the tools they used in this context may not work properly in other cases. Twitter or Facebook cannot be evaluated by using the same methods.

Evaluating media for credibility

Here again, a specific context is important. As Gayo-Avello explains, generalizing methods and approaches in evaluating social media may lead to inaccurate results.

He explains it in the case of evaluating voter preferences in elections by reading Twitter posts.

Evaluating Website Content

Twitters posts are used for variety of reasons. Some authors use Twitter data to predict future revenues for newly released movies, while others have used it to predict elections outcomes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany.

2. What is our DAA policy? The key factor we will examine in determining whether drug addiction or alcoholism is a contributing factor material to the determination of disability is whether we would still find a claimant disabled if he or she stopped using drugs or alcohol. Evaluating Media for Credibility. The two different news channels watched were Fox and CNN. I watched the news on December 14, at pm and pm. Fox news is often viewed as a conservative station and CNN is often viewed as a liberal station. View Essay - Evaluating Media for Credibility from CRT crt at University of Phoenix.

But Gayo-Avello explains that the "direct correlation" between Twitter data and future events "is simply not the case" Gayo-Avello He gives various reasons why Twitter data may be misleading.

For instance, Twitter users are a sample, but not representative of the general population. The users may also be biased as Twitter is not used as heavily by older people or rural citizens as it is by the younger generation and urban citizens.

There is also "the tendency of researchers to report positive results while suppressing negative results. This so-called 'file-drawer' effect can have a harmful influence if it is assumed that conclusions from a few selected positive experiments are directly applicable to any other conceivable scenario" Gayo-Avello Indeed, certain methods in evaluating Twitter data to predict box-office revenues of movies might have worked, but there is no ground for assuming that the same methods would work for predicting future election results.

In his own analysis of Twitter data for during and immediately after the election of President Obama, Gayo-Avello found that the data greatly exaggerated Obama's chances. He notes that there are several problems which need to be avoided in evaluating social media. These include big-data fallacy, which refers to the assumption that if the data is big it should yield accurate information; demographic bias; the fact that silence speaks volumes, i.

The importance of social media is evident. But the criteria for evaluating the quality of it may be tricky. The most important thing in the evaluation process is the context that the researcher should be aware of.

As the examples in this paper demonstrate, generalizing evaluation tools and methods may be misleading. The researcher should be aware of the specific context under which the social media outlet is being used.

And the methods of evaluation should be developed considering these specific contexts. Works Cited Gayo-Avello, Daniel. Communications of the ACM Watch two current television news programs on the same day and compare them—some examples are Fox News, MSNBC, 60 Minutes, and CNN.

Take note of differences in the stories that were covered, the amount of air time devoted to the major stories, and the bias or slant used when presenting a.

When evaluating a website for credibility, one of the first things to look at is the torosgazete.com can tell you several things about the website such as the creator, the .

Evaluating media for credibility

May 15,  · Evaluating Credibility: To Trust or Not To Trust. May 15, ~ kristinarslan. financial services, media, retail, leisure and education.” The site can give you clues about the credibility of the source.

The website is an online magazine that reports breaking news, 24/7.

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This magazine has a printed sister and has been. This collection addresses the challenges of evaluating and conducting online research, finding trustworthy information, assessing the credibility of online health information, dealing with online anonymity, and negotiating tension between individual and group ethos.

Evaluating Media for Credibility CRT September 9, Anna S. Joy Evaluating Media for Credibility The first television news program that I watched was Fox News, channel on Wednesday September 5, I watched from PM until PM.

monitoring and evaluating information and communication for development (icd) programmes guidelines.

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