Color essay identity impolite race showing

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Color essay identity impolite race showing

Please include readings from weeks one and two. Make sure you are referencing the actual agency and not the Alliance Group. This would be the agency ran by Allison Smith.

Are the staff in this agency self-aware? Why or why not? How do the staff members perceive the work they do? How is this perception affecting their relationship with each other? How might it be harmful to clients?

What values do the staff of this agency hold? Are these values a good match for quality human services work? What belief system or systems do the staff adhere to?

What are some beliefs that can be improved on or changed to create a better work experience, while maintaining quality in services delivered?

Transformation Leadership in the Human Services Are the staffs in this agency self-aware? Self-awareness is a very important virtue in any agency or organization. In fact, it enables a person to acknowledge and understand what he or she feels.

Personnel in an agency should show self-awareness as they render services to clients.

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As a result, they can easily recognize their feelings and the impact those feelings have on others. The agency operates based on the philosophy of ensuring the clients and staff learns the ethics of self-care.

The philosophical techniques comprise of dialogue, contemplation and listening. The staff must portray good conduct at all times especially when serving clients. Regina, for instance, informs Nick that she understands the problems that the agency is undergoing.

She is aware that Allison has failed to plan about the future of the agency. The agency is a non-profit organization thus the need to plan the use of funds in a proper manner. Despite the self-awareness portrayed by the staff, the management considers itself unable to make good decisions.

This causes arguments to arise in a meeting that was intended to determine the effective use of the funds Aarons, Ritchie, a client overheard Alfred and Shondelle arguing and decides to knock the door in order to remind them of the rules. He tells them the essence of politeness as an inexpensive virtue.

The agency philosophy makes people to realize that caring for oneself is necessary in the entire lifetime. The inability of the staff in the agency to follow self care may cause bad results in most areas of the organization Burghardt et al.

As a result, misunderstandings will ensue between clients and staff.

Color essay identity impolite race showing

In fact, most of them feel content in their own capacity and consider the contribution of others as unnecessary. Most of the professionals in the meeting have a perception that their work is strenuous and difficult.

Burn out is a contributing factor towards the arguments that arise in the meeting including the comments related to budget cuts Burghardt et al. Allison Smith has failed to exude confidence among the staff members due to her inability to make decisions that will steer the agency in the right direction.

This shows the poor relationship she has with the staff thus the frequent conflicts during meetings. Allison did not express her commitment towards the agency. As a result, she publicly declares her inability to make good decisions about the future of the agency thus making staff members develop feelings of uncertainty.

Staff members could be arguing over the negative perception they have towards each other rather than the funding of the agency.

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The meeting was about applying professionalism to establish how the agency and the departments would continue to function.

Regina, the supervisor has odd perceptions towards the team especially Nick. She considers economic status and race as the contributing aspects to conflicts at work. Poor perceptions among colleagues affect productivity especially in handling clients since they do not get all the attention they require.

The team in the agency is not working towards a greater cause. In fact, the burn out shows the detrimental effect of the professionals towards the care that should be offered to the clientele.

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Color essay identity impolite race showing

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