C228 task 1

Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. Provide background information in relation to Healthy People and local public health data that characterizes the health concern. Describe the target population affected by the health concern you studied in your fieldwork, including each of the following components:

C228 task 1

Anyone have tips for the Community Health Class. Did you find starting in a certain order helped you? Did you find the self-guided cohort helpful? Any tips would be gladly accepted and appreciated. The objective assessment C228 task 1 going to be a 3rd party ATI exam. I scored in the 99th percentile by using the Community Health Passbook as a study guide.

This book has outdated questions that look as if they were typed on an old typewriter, but the material was identical to what I found on the exam. To find rationales for the questions, I googled everything.

I answered about 25 to 50 questions a day until I reached the end of the book. I probably spent three days typing my paper. I never used any of the cohorts throughout the entire program because I like to control my own pace. Dec 3, '15 Joined: The papers won't contribute significantly to your understanding of the exam material or anything like that.

There's apparently an ATI study guide available online somewhere. I didn't use it because I had a paper copy left over from my ADN days. Don't let the papers scare you. Task 2 the paper about a disease outbreak took me about a day. I wrote Task 1 in one day out of necessity end of term - I kept putting it offand it passed by a good margin.

Not even a whole one day - I worked a 12 hour shift. This paper actually requires way less than it initially appears - you really just need to give a basic overview of the results of the various tools, not an in-depth discussion of every little detail.

If you're in the FB group, there's a sample paper in the file section that gives you a good idea of the lack of depth needed Just be sure you include everything on the rubric - I remember there being some section or another that was distinctly lacking in the sample paper.

I really appreciate the input. When you first look at the tasks, it just looks like endless questions that need to be answered. I was like O-M-G, what have I gotten myself into?C - WGU. Community Health Nursing. STUDY. PLAY.

C228 task 1

Community health nurses. promote the health and welfare of clients across the lifespan and from diverse populations. Nightingale's Theory of Environment ›› the relationship between an individual's environment and health 1.

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C228 task 1

Explain the desired outcome(s) or goal(s) for improvement related to the health concern. Note: This outcome or goal should be in alignment with Healthy People objective. Read this essay on Wgu C Task 1.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at torosgazete.com". C Task 1 Essay Words | 12 Pages. CCommunity Health Nursing-Task 1 Misty Sherman Western Governors University Identification of Community Brazoria County, Tx is located just south of Harris county, extending from Houston to the Gulf of Mexico.

CCommunity Health Nursing-Task 1 Western Governors University Identification of Community Along the northern-end of Utah’s Wasatch Front is a scenic region of land known as Weber County. This county ranges from the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains .

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