Awareness about life insurance general

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a four-week period recognized around the world as a crucial tool in the fight against this disease. It has grown to become a worldwide campaign that brings together thousands of organizations that highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness, early detection, fund-raising and targeted research. Sadly, they estimate that around 1 in 8 women born in the U.

Awareness about life insurance general

Perception vs Reality Perception is reality! Life Insurance sector is no exception to this fact. So how is life insurance perceived by the general public? It is not an understatement to say that a vast majority perceives life insurance as a complex product and often time does not have a good understanding of what they need.

Many people are still grappling with basic facts of life insurance, what it entails and how it is different from other financial products. Life insurance is actually simple enough, if you know what you need. Having spent the last 1.

Life Insurance Awareness Month

A few weeks ago, I visited a family in a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai. The policyholder, the sole breadwinner of the house, passed away recently and is survived by his wife and two kids. The wife is a homemaker and the kids are barely into school yet. I entered their shanty-like house and offered my condolences.

As we began talking about their financial condition, I discovered that the wife was unaware about how much funds would the life insurance settlement provide or which policy her husband had bought.

She was just mildly relieved and under the impression that the life insurance policy her husband has bought will help her overcome any financial needs in the future.

The family will receive 2 — 3 lakh rupees after the life insurance claim is settled. Considering the fact that the wife is a homemaker, and her kids are yet to complete their education, a settlement of about 3 lakhs will barely tide over their long term needs.

I have encountered several such stories that make the importance of life insurance glaringly obvious. People are inadequately prepared before they buy a life insurance policy.

One has to have answers to questions like do I need a life insurance, what are my financial needs who is dependent on me?

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In most cases, people do not have the answer to these questions and end up buying a policy that does not fully serve its purpose. Life Insurance is not just a small term solution but a long term one.

Finding the right answer to these questions is extremely important. This means creating easy to understand products and providing transparent online information and advice to create an environment where consumers can make up their own mind and decisions.

It is undeniable that the reality bites, but with the right insurance it can be sweeter still! Calculate premium for your Term Plan Gender.September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and a good time to reflect on how life insurance can help those you leave behind — the living.

Life can be busy. The requirements of work and family often leave little time to step back and think about where you've been and where you're heading.

Awareness about life insurance general

Here is a list of Life Insurance companies registered by IRDA. Please click on their names to visit their websites. Protective’s efforts coordinate with national Life Insurance Awareness month, an education and awareness campaign developed by the non-profit Life Happens, in conjunction with more than of.

Nov 14,  · Life Insurance Awareness Month is a campaign originated by Life Happens, a nonprofit focused on helping Americans to find the best life insurance and related offerings. IntelliQuote is proud to partner with Life Happens to bring more awareness to the importance of life insurance.

September – Life Insurance Awareness Month September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. I urge each of you to watch the video (see link below) on how the life insurance . Life Insurance Awareness Month takes place each September in an effort to raise awareness among consumers and producers about the need for life insurance.

One of the most common reasons for buying life insurance is to replace the loss of income that would occur in the event of one's death.

June 28th - National Insurance Awareness Day