Art in daily life

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Art in daily life

When I was 35, I did it. I designed our house. A great buiilder helped me build it. Our family has enjoyed the house for many years. Designing a house or even outfitting an apartment or a room of your own in which to live is certainly a time to become philosophical.

It is a time to consider ones beliefs about the constructed environment. Whether we rent, purchase, or build a place to live, we reveal our belief system by the choices we make.

Two important branches of philosophy, aesthetics and ethics, often come home to visit each other during the choices we make when designing the place in which we live.

What are the paradigms we use to decide on lifestyle issues? How does art help with our basic human needs for food, shelter and clothing? In our calling as teachers, what are the issues we should raise with children to build their awareness of art and aesthetics?

What is useful Art in daily life the visual choices they will make in everyday life no matter what they elect to do vocationally? Most may not design and build, but everybody selects shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and so on. These are basic to life. As such, they are basic to education.

In our culture, designers are driven by what sells.

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The masses people from our classrooms determine the look and meaning of the material culture by their choices. Every consumer is artistic with innate needs for aesthetic fulfillment. Unfortunately, there is very little discussion and debate in our schools to inform these needs. Most design and construction is done habitually with no thinking about the meaning, symbolism, and effects on society produced by what is made Jencks.

We can help children develop the thinking, questioning, and designing skills to give them the power to be agents for good in society. As teachers we can sensitize our students and help them learn skills to be agents for good. As teachers, as Christians, or simply as members of the human race it is our birthright, our privilege and obligation to do what we can to improve the conditions in which people live.

What needs do all people and all cultures experience? All people need utensils, clothing, tools, space for living, space for religious expression, and space for social interaction. All people, regardless of culture, have a need for individual identity and for group identity.

Some cultures stress individuality more and others stress group identity more. These identity values are expressed symbolically in the design of tools, utensils, clothing, houses, places of worship, and public spaces.

Why We All Need Art in Our Lives

As soon as we do something or make something to fulfill our basic needs we are saying something about our values and our beliefs. What are the values related to our basic needs that are played out in our everyday decisions? When we discuss values we find a continuum of opinions and arguments.

All cultures value both individuality and conformity.

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These are conflicting values. The question is, how much individualism is good and how much conformity is good? How do our design decisions reflect both these needs? Mass produced items tend to show conformity in our culture in spite of the fact that individual freedom of choice is highly valued in our tradition.Daily Dose.

We can see the end of the week, let's celebrate a bit with some time wasters.

Art in daily life

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Art is everywhere, influencing us on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. And this is the mere reason why art is important in our daily lives. With the art that we are surrounded by, whether it’s a painting, music or even videos can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions.

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