American caesar douglas macarthur 1880 1964

Download Now Written in his own hand, and finished only weeks before his death, Reminiscences by General Douglas MacArthur spans more than half a century of modern history. These pages show a man whose unique vantage point at the center of the stage enabled him to illuminate major controversies of our time, and whose views and ideas - never before published in full - are now bound to bring new and unexpected reappraisals to the conflicts in which he himself was the central figure. Douglas MacArthur served under eight presidents.

American caesar douglas macarthur 1880 1964

To the wise it is not a privilege; far other indeed. Doubtless, as bringing preservation to their country, it implies preservation of themselves withal; but intrinsically it is the harshest duty a wise man, if he be indeed wise, has laid to his hand.

The occupier was Douglas MacArthur, who said "Never in history had a nation and its people been more completely crushed. He was the last of the great colonial overlords, remote and unapproachable by all except a few natives. In the same period of time, the average Japanese citizen was poorer only than the average American.

This transformation defies all theories of economic growth and good government that I know of. MacArthur also was one of two commanders in charge of beating the Japanese during the war.

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Or consider thatJapanese died on Okinawa alone. He removed the Japanese from all the territory between Australia and Tokyo roughly from Argentina to Canada on the biggest ocean in the world.

He led the initial US effort in Korea. The net gain after he relieved was 0, if not negative. These allies may have helped prevent aggression from the Chinese Communists during the Cold War.

Most civilizations that have been so thoroughly destroyed do not bounce back — let alone in less than 40 years. Japan not only bounced back but in many ways — wealth, for example — the new Japan surpassed the achievements of the old Japan.

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This accomplishment was achieved with MacArthur acting as benevolent dictator. MacArthur acted very liberally to the population. He did not punish war criminals, he did not throw out the emperor, he severely punished any American soldier found harassing a Japanese citizen, he instituted democracy with female suffrageetc.

However, he carefully controlled investment in the country, he carefully controlled the press and he occasionally over-ruled the will of elected representatives. His methodology was perfect for the Japanese but it confused many Americans.

American caesar douglas macarthur 1880 1964

When MacArthur first landed on Japan, he refused to be protected by armed guards. If they intend to kill us, sidearms will be useless.

And nothing will impress them like a show of absolute fearlessness. Getting guns was one thing, since there were records, but getting swords was different.Jun 01,  · Review of “American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur ” by William Manchester I say, it is the everlasting privilege of the foolish to be governed by the wise; to be guided in the right path by those who know it better than they.

out of 5 stars - American Caesar - Douglas Macarthur, by William Manchester (, Hard. Editions for American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur (Hardcover published in ), (Kindle Edition published in ), (Pape.

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Louise Cromwell Brooks (September 24, – May 30, ) was an American socialite whose four marriages included seven years as the first wife of General Douglas MacArthur.

She was "considered one of Washington's most beautiful and attractive young women". American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur - and millions of other books are available for instant access.

view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App/5(). American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur - by William Manchester Inspiring, outrageous A thundering paradox of a torosgazete.coms MacArthur, one of only five men in history to have achieved the rank of General of the United States Army/5(21).

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