A review of the iron heel a novel by jack london

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A review of the iron heel a novel by jack london

Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is based on the fictional "Everhard Manuscript" written by Avis Everhard which she hid and which was subsequently found centuries later.

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In addition, this novel has an introduction and series of often lengthy footnotes written from the perspective of scholar Anthony Meredith. Meredith writes from around AD or B.

Jack London writes at two levels, often having Meredith condescendingly correcting the errors of Everhard yet, at the same time, exposing the often incomplete understanding of this distant future perspective. Meredith's introduction also acts as a deliberate " spoiler " the term did not yet exist at the time of writing.

Before ever getting a chance to get to know Avis and Ernest, how they fell in love or how Avis became politically involved, the reader is already told that all their struggles and hopes would end in total failure and repression, and that both of them would be summarily executed.

This gives all that follows the air of a foreordained tragedy. The book begins with the acquaintance of Avis Cunningham, a daughter of a renowned physicist with the socialist Ernest Evergard.

At first, Avis does not agree with Ernest in that the whole contemporary social system is based on exploitation of labour. However, she proceeds to investigate the conditions the workers live in and those terrible conditions make her change her mind and accept Ernest's worldview.

Similarly, Bishop Morehouse does not initially believe in the horrors described by Ernest but then becomes convinced in their truth and is confined to a madhouse because of his new views.

The Manuscript itself covers the years through in which the Oligarchy or "Iron Heel" arose in the United States. In Asia, Japan conquered East Asia and created its own empire, India gained independence, and Europe became socialist.

Canada, Mexico, and Cuba formed their own Oligarchies and were aligned with the U. In North America, the Oligarchy maintains power for three centuries until the Revolution succeeds and ushers in the Brotherhood of Man.

During the years of the novel, the First Revolt is described and preparations for the Second Revolt are discussed. From the perspective of Everhard, the imminent Second Revolt is sure to succeed but from Meredith's frame storythe reader knows that Ernest Everhard's hopes would go unfulfilled until centuries after his death.

A review of the iron heel a novel by jack london

The Oligarchy is the largest monopoly of trusts or robber barons who manage to squeeze out the middle class by bankrupting most small to mid-sized business as well as reducing all farmers to effective serfdom. This Oligarchy maintains power through a "labor caste " and the Mercenaries.

Laborers in essential industries like steel and rail are elevated and given decent wages, housing, and education. Indeed, the tragic turn in the novel and Jack London's core warning to his contemporaries is the treachery of these favored unions which break with the other unions and side with the Oligarchy.

Further, a second, military caste is formed: The Mercenaries are officially the army of the US but are in fact in the employ of the Oligarchs.

A review of the iron heel a novel by jack london

Asgard is the name of a fictional wonder-city, a city constructed by the Oligarchy to be admired and appreciated as well as lived in. Thousands of proletarians live in terrible poverty there, and are used whenever a public work needs to be completed, such as the building of a levee or a canal.

The Manuscript is Everhard's autobiography as she tells of: By telling the story of Avis Everhard, the novel is essentially an adventurous tale heavily strewn with social commentary of an alternative future from a perspective.

However, the future perspective of the scholar Meredith deepens the tragic plight of Everhard and her revolutionary comrades. This section does not cite any sources.There’s a lot of talk these days about the “Deep State,” especially among supporters of President Trump, some of whom believe that this Deep State is working hard to destroy anyone loyal to Trump, both inside and outside of the government, and ultimately, Trump himself.

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The Iron Heel: The Iron Heel, novel by Jack London, published in , describing the fall of the United States to the cruel fascist dictatorship of the Iron Heel, a group of monopoly capitalists.

Fearing the popularity of socialism, the plutocrats of the Iron Heel conspire to eliminate democracy and, with their.

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The Iron Heel by Jack London. The final novel from my Reading Challenge is Jack London’s Iron Heel – and it was a bit of a heavy one to say the least.. The novel takes the form of a fictional historic manuscript written by Avis Everhard, a privileged upper-class woman from the early s, with footnotes written by scholar Anthony Meridith in

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