A rant on forced marriage

Divorce is always great for women… Sade August 2, at 6: Kratos August 13, at It can royally screw you over for life.

A rant on forced marriage

It nearly happened to me A new Channel 4 documentary shows how police in Manchester are investigating families who force girls into marriage.

A rant on forced marriage

Add to this the number of people supported by specialist independent charities, as well as local police forces up and down the country, and you have a figure running well into the thousands. Sajida was trapped for more than a decade in a violent relationship. Forced Marriage Cops focuses on the stories of several women, and each one illustrates the different ways that victims can be affected by forced marriage.

Sajida was trapped in a violent marriage for A rant on forced marriage years after being forced into it by her family when she was just Aisha is horrified to discover that a family party is in fact an engagement celebration held in her honour, and that she is booked on to a flight to Pakistan to be married the very next week.

When police investigate further, they discover another 15 children and young people in urgent need of protection within the same family.

Legal Ownership

Like Aisha, I know people who were tricked into marriage after a lifetime of violence, exploitation and psychological abuse. If they had disappeared altogether, no one would have known, and no one would have asked questions.

"Secrets of a Successful Marriage" is the twenty-second and final episode of The Simpsons' fifth season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 19, In the episode, Homer fears he may be a little slow, so he goes to the adult education center. While there, he decides to teach a class of his own on the secrets of a successful marriage, since that is the only. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are among the most successful celebrity couples. Their marriage, which has lasted more than 20 years, is also one of the longest among current Hollywood marriages. Forced marriage in Britain: It nearly happened to me A new Channel 4 documentary shows how police in Manchester are investigating families who force girls into marriage.

The matter of who my new legal guardian should be, as well as that of where I should live if not in the parental home, were all discussed. While all these arrangements were being made, I smuggled what few possessions I could out of a back window and into a waiting car over the course of a few weeks so as not to arouse suspicion.

When it comes down to it, you either have to obliterate every aspect of life as you know it, or you must sacrifice yourself and any chance of survival you may have had.

Things have changed a lot since However, experts agree that consistency throughout the country is lacking among police forces when it comes to training and adequate enforcement of the law. A Forced Marriage Protection Order FMPO should mean that victims are known to police in case of a breach, and that their families are prevented from travelling abroad.

Executive director Diana Nammi tells me: I wholeheartedly believe that criminalisation, as well as forced marriage protection orders, are both crucial measures that authorities should have at their disposal when supporting those at risk.

It may not work out totally how you want it to be. Government cuts to refuges, rape crisis centres and mental health services, as well as the elimination of legal aid, must be reversed immediately to protect the lives of some of the most vulnerable women and men in society. Only from a place of real safety can they truly begin to believe in their ability to survive away from the harm posed by their families.

In the meantime — allow me to suggest some advice to any readers at risk of forced marriage: If you need emergency support, getting yourself to a place of safety should be your top priority. It may take a while for you to decide when you should leave, if at all. Agree an emergency plan with someone you trust.

And for longer term support - click here for a list of organisations that can help. Advice for longer term recovery: If you do decide to leave, know that things may not improve immediately.

A rant on forced marriage

But the relief of finally feeling safe and able to make to your own choices in life is invaluable. Things do get better. The pain of becoming estranged from the people who are supposed to love and care for you, and with whom you might share some wonderful memories as well as the bad, may feel too overwhelming to bear at times.

There are many others who have had similar experiences to you, and it really helps to connect with them. Consider speaking to a mental health professional. Your GP or the organisations linked above will be able to help. Forced Marriage Cops is on Channel 4 this evening at 10pm.May 16,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. OK. Whatever. Please know that I am doing this rant purely out of emotions and nothing else. So it may sound a bit harsh. Please. Please. Please tell me why every other Muslim story is about forced marriage.

I, for one, and probably many more sisters or brothers in the Lord, who had to, after trying for years to save and survive an abusive marriage, would like your input on scriptural bases for a divorce so we can marry and be loved and love again.

To conclude: marriage is an institution based on the alliance between two unequal partners, which requires one partner, the husband, to be dominant and the wife to be subservient in order to function. What is Advocacy and Why is it Important?

The Advocacy Process: Identifying the Problem: Investigating and Gathering Evidence: Understanding Government Structure, Legal Obligations, and Legislative Process.

Arranged marriages differ from forced marriage, as an arranged marriage would be arranged by someone other than the couple getting wedded.

A forced marriage is a marriage in which one is married without his or her consent, or against his or her will.

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